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Brazilian holidays will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the golden sand beaches along the coast, visit the uninhabited jungles of the Amazon or the culture of the vast cities like São Paulo. Brazil offers everything from delicious food to fantastic nightlife and some of the best football. If you want to experience the biggest carnival in the world, make sure to stop by Rio de Janeiro in February. 

Weather: Brazil is a nation that has a tropical climate that you can visit all year round. The winters are not too cold and only last from June to August and most rain is seen from December to February.

Currency: Brazilian Real
Capital City: Brasilia
National Language: Portguese
Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Christ the Redeemer
Best National Park: Parque Nacional Dos Lencois Maranhenses
National Dish: Feijoada
National Drink: Caipirinha
Most Popular Beer: Inbev
National Animal: Rufous-Bellied Thrush
National Sport: Football & Capoeira


Argentine holidays will allow you to enjoy the finest steaks and wines from around the globe with the Andes as a spectacular background. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city where you can enjoy tango, nightlife as well as the colourful city. If you go down further south, you can enjoy the secluded areas of Patagonia and come across whales and penguins. On the border of Brazil, you can go see the roaring Iguazu Falls nestled in the rainforest. 

Weather: Argentina has a varied climate with most of the nation having cold winters, but hot and humid summers. Deserts of Cuyo can have extremely hot summers, however, the Andes and Patagonia will remain cool in summers and sub-freezing temperatures in the winter. The summers are from December to February.

Currency: Argentine Peso
Capital City: Buenos Aires
National Language: Spanish
Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Caminito in La Boca
Best National Park: Parque Nacional Los Glaciares
National Dish: Asado
National Drink: Mate
Most Popular Beer: Cerveza Quilmes
National Animal: Rufous Hornero
National Sport: Pato

Image by Gábor Sz.
Image by Olga Stalska


Chilean holidays will guide you to the famous Easter Island with the remarkable and fascinating Moai stone statues. The capital city of Santiago has a vast culture to experience with the backdrop of the towering Andes making it one of the most scenic cities in the world. Chile is home to the driest place in the world, the Atacama Desert which offers salt flats and mountains and over 300 nights of clear skies where you can stargaze after dinner. Further south you will find the Torres del Paine National Park, which has it all from mountain peaks, waterfalls, ice fields, behemoth glaciers, lagoons and lush forests. 

Weather: Chile is a long country which stretches around 4,300 so the climate varies across the country. There are some places in Northern Chile which have desert climates and little rainfall, whereas a maritime climate in Southern Chile meaning it rains a lot and gets cold. If you fancy going skiing, the best month to visit will be from June to August. If you want to visit Santiago and the rest of Chile, the best months to visit will be from September to November.

Currency: Chilean Peso
Capital City: Santiago
National Language: Spanish
Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Sky Costanera
Best National Park: Torres Del Paine National Park
National Dish: Curanto
National Drink: Pisco Sour
Most Popular Beer: Cerveza Quilmes
National Animal: Taruca
National Sport: Rodeo


Peruvian holidays allow you to visit the mighty and mysterious Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail from Cuzco to Machu Picchu is a challenging task, with a spectacular view of the Andes and the ruins. The capital city of Lima provides some of the best food in the region, so make sure you try ceviche which is a raw fish dish marinated in citrus juices and spices. Lima is known for its diverse culture and nightlife which is a thrilling experience you won’t want to miss. If you want a real adventure and want to have the chance to see Jaguars, Anacondas and much more, then head over to the Amazon. Lake Titicaca is famous for being the highest lake in the world and is the home to a wide diversity of wild animals. 

Weather: Peru has a diverse climate which is varied in different regions. The mountains can get very cold; however, the coast can still be warm. The winter on the coasts is from June to September and during this period, the mountain areas are sunny during the day making this the best time to climb Machu Picchu. December to April will provide heavy rainfall in the mountains and jungles. Lima the capital city hardly ever rains, therefore, you could travel there year-round.

Currency: Sol
Capital City: Lima
National Language: Spanish, Quechua & Aymara
Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Machu Picchu
Best National Park: Manu National Park
National Dish: Ceviche
National Drink: Pisco Sour
Most Popular Beer: Cristal
National Animal: Vincuna
National Sport: Paleta Fronton & Soccer

Image by Sandro Ayalo
Image by Joel Duncan


Colombian holidays will have you travelling along the Caribbean coast, cultural cities, perplexing Amazon jungles and the Andes. Cities such as Bogota, Cartagena & Medellin have a variety of culture, great cuisine and entertaining nightlife. If you are a coffee lover then visiting Cocora Valley is a recommend experience to see how some of the best coffee worldwide is produced. The Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona offers untouched golden sand beaches paired with exotic wild jungles.  

Weather: Colombia has cool weather in its highlands with tropical climates along the coast. Overall, the best time to visit will be December to March and July to August as the weather is enjoyable and there are many festivals to visit.  

Currency: Colombian Peso
Capital City: Bogota
National Language: Spanish
Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Crab Cay
Best National Park: Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona
National Dish: Bandeja Paisa
National Drink: Guaro
Most Popular Beer: Poker
National Animal: Andean Condor
National Sport: Tejo


Bolivian holidays allow you to explore one of the most diverse countries on the planet. Uyuni Salt Flats is certainly worth a visit, especially for your Instagram. If you are feeling up for an adventure then make sure you travel along the World’s Most Dangerous Road, North Yungas Road but make sure you are a skilled driver. The animals that you can spot in Bolivia range from Flamingos to Jaguars, so if you were looking for an exotic destination with a lot of wildlife, Bolivia is the spot for you. 

Weather: Bolivia has high altitude; therefore, it has warm days, and the nights can be cold even below freezing during winter. Rainfall occurs during November and March which is the summer for Bolivia. Rain and the weather in Bolivia depend on the altitude of the region.

Currency: Boliviano
Capital City: Sucre
National Language: Castilian
Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Uyuni Salt Flat
Best National Park: Parque Nacional Madidi
National Dish: Saltenas
National Drink: Singani
Most Popular Beer: Pacena
National Animal: Llama
National Sport: Soccer

Image by Christopher Crouzet
Image by Chandler Hilken


Ecuadorian holidays give you an opportunity to visit the world-renowned Galapagos Islands which have a variety of popular marine animals and wildlife from Sea-Lions to Iguanas. The rainforests give you the chance to see River Dolphins and even Sloths. Ecuador also has the Andes running through it which offers the chance for some pretty exceptional opportunities to mountain bike or go for a hike. The white-sand beaches along the coast and the cultural-historical centers of Quito are worth the visit alone. 

Weather: Ecuador has a variety in their climate for a small nation due to the altitude. The mountain valleys have a mild temperature year-round, whereas pacific coastal areas and lowlands are humid. If you visit Galapagos Island, the warm rainy season is from January to April which is the best time for snorkelling and seeing the wildlife.

Currency: United States Dollar
Capital City: Quinto
National Language: Spanish & Quechua
Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Teleferiqo
Best National Park: Parque Nacional Galapagos
National Dish: Encebollado
National Drink: Aguardiente
Most Popular Beer: Cerveceria Nacional Ecuador
National Animal: Andean Condor
National Sport: Ecuavoley


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