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Our professional team of experts are waiting to hear from you.

Image by Nikita Karimov

You can book your holiday with us right now! We offer various different options at competitive prices for all your travel needs including flights and accommodation. Do not  hesitate to get in touch and start to live a life worth living!

We create a tailor-made package to cover all of your desires for the trip of your dreams. Our team listens to you carefully to ensure we don't miss a detail, and we cater specifically for your needs. Whether it is a road trip along the coast, or bloody pumping activities for the adrenaline junkie, we will develop the perfect personalised itinerary for any traveller. 

We'd book the flights to your destination, the flights back home and everything in between! This includes accommodation, internal travel and recommendations of restaurants and activities for you to have a blast. Get in touch now to explore what we can do for you!

Image by Mike Swigunski
Image by Joss Woodhead

Subscribe to our adventure service for a wild vacation planned for you every four months. It is simple! Fill out a questionnaire about your lifestyle and preferences, then every four months Addicted Travellers will book you a return flight to a secret location. A month before travel you will receive an e-postcard to reveal your surprise destination!

Included within this package, you will also receive two nights' accommodation and a fully planned itinerary based on your preferences. No effort or planning on your part. Subscribe and enjoy.

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