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10 Underrated Cities in Europe

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Europe has many famous cities such as Paris, London, and Rome, however, there is more to Europe than those popular city breaks. It is easier to explore the hidden gems of Europe due to the boundless means of transport and these are the 20 most underrated cities that an Addictedtraveller should visit.

Split, Croatia

Split is known for its seafront scenery and its ancient Roman architecture with the remarkable Diocletian’s Palace. There are many things to do in the flourishing city such as exploring the variety of restaurants on the seafront, bars, shops and beaches in the nearby area.

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

If you want the perfect Instagram shot, look no further than Mostar. It is the home to the famous old bridge; however, it has unseen waterfalls of Vrelo Bune and monasteries such as Dervish House.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

A UNESCO World Heritage city which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You can visit the State Castle or wander around the Cloak Bridge. If the theatre is one of your passion, then a must-visit is the revolving auditorium.

Ghent, Belgium

Bruges is the popular neighbour and travellers miss out on the opportunity to visit the medieval town of Ghent which has so much architecture with its Saint Bavo’s Cathedral to Het Belfort van Gent. This is a city that should not be overlooked.

Bled, Slovenia

Picture-perfect Instagram shot. This is how to describe Lake Bled. The town is underrated as it does not attract that many tourists, it has great outdoor activities, restaurants, bars, and Bled Castle. This must be on your bucket list.

Salzburg, Austria

Considered as one of the most beautiful alpine cities in Europe. A place where you can find churches, castles, palaces, and plenty of coffee shops to keep you going. Winter is a time for the picturesque Christmas markets and skiing whereas the summer is a time to discover the surrounding lakes.

Bologna, Italy

Bologna is a youthful city with a medieval touch. The city has areas has must-see sights such as the Two Towers and Piazza Maggiore, where you can enjoy the cafes, bars and treat yourself to some of the shops.

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

A fairy-tale city sitting on the rim of the Black Forest is the city of Freiburg im Breisgau. This city is the perfect city for a weekend break, where you can enjoy the gothic cathedrals, traditional German cuisine and a German beer.

Sibiu, Romania

Transylvanian town of Sibiu is peoples favourite place in the country due to its scenic buildings, cobbled streets, and historical & cultural landmarks. If you want a view of the whole city, make sure you go to the top of the clock tower of the cathedral to take the whole city in.

Valencia, Spain

Golden sand beaches are just a small drive away from the charming city of Valencia. Valencia is a city with futuristic buildings throughout the city as well as cafes, bars and restaurants located on the main square.

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