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Australian holidays will provide beaches, wildlife, easy-going cities and the Australian Outback. Visit the UNESCO site of Uluru and be amazed by the beauty. Australia is home to some of the most unsurpassed stunning beaches and home to world-famous surfer’s paradise, the Gold Coast. Here you can catch some of the best waves in all the world. If you do like water activities, have a go at diving to see the Great Barrier Reef or swim with the great white sharks. Australia also has some of the best cities to visit such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane which all have good restaurants and epic nightlife. Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world which allows it to have such a diverse range of places to visits and activities to do meaning, yes, you should visit.

Weather: Australia has a variety of climates. The best time to travel to Australia is from October to January. The largest part of Australia is the outback which has a desert climate. The north has a tropical climate and is somewhat like the Mediterranean with hot summers and wet winters. Whereas the temperatures in the south can become below freezing in the winters and warm in the summers.

Currency: Australian Dollar

Capital City: Canberra

National Language: English

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: The Pink Lakes in Victoria

Best National Park: Kakadu National Park

National Dish: Roast Lamb

National Drink: Lemon, Lime & Bitters

Most Popular Beer: Victoria Bitter

National Animal: Red Kangaroo & Emu

National Sport: Australian Rules Football


New Zealanders' holidays will allow you to visit both the South and North Island. New Zealand has some of the most natural beauty in the world and is one of the very few places where you can catch the southern lights. There are many extreme activities that range from skydiving to white-water rafting which is must-do if you are an adrenaline junkie. Maori Culture is a unique and wonderful culture that should be experienced when in New Zealand. New Zealand features some of the most scenic mountains such as Mount Cook to some of the most vibrant cities such as Queenstown and Auckland. When you go down under, make sure you visit New Zealand.

Weather: New Zealand has high rainfall and sunshine throughout most of the country. New Zealand has mountains and the sea which means that during winters it can become snowy and during summers it can have sunshine.

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

Capital City: Wellington

National Language: English & Maori

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Mount Maunganui

Best National Park: Fiordland National Park

National Dish: Kiwi Pie

National Drink: Beer

Most Popular Beer: Lion Nathan

National Animal: Kiwi

National Sport: Rugby

Image by Jean-Pierre Brungs
New Zealand

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