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French holidays will allow you to experience the luxurious French Riviera where you can find cities such as Nice and Marseille while also being able to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. France is the home to some of the best ski resorts in the world with areas such as Alpe d’Huez, making it a perfect destination for thrill-seekers during the winter months. The capital city of Paris is the most visited city in the world for many reasons, like the towering Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Cathedrale Norte-Dame de Paris. France also offers a lot to the history buffs as you can visit the beaches of Normandy where brave soldiers fought or the Le Mont-Saint-Michel. 

Weather: France mostly has a maritime climate with a cool winter, warm summers, and rainfall throughout the year. The French Riviera and South West of France have Mediterranean weather where it has mild winters and hot summers. The French Alps has a mountain climate where it is cool in summer and sub-freezing in winters making it great to ski.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Paris

National Language: French

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Eiffel Tower

Best National Park: Vanoise National Park

National Dish: Pot-au-Feu

National Drink: Pastis

Most Popular Beer: Kronenbourg 1664

National Animal: Gallic Rooster

National Sport: Football


Spanish holiday will allow you to visit the national parks such as Odesa which has a famous picturesque landscape. If you make your way south you can visit the capital city of Madrid where you can explore The Prado to learn about the arts and culture, spend the afternoon in Retiro Park and watch a football match at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Spain is home to many coastal cities such as Seville which known for its Moorish influence. Barcelona has an unconventional style of architecture and is widely considered to have some of the best beaches in Europe.  Do not forget about the Spanish Islands such as Tenerife, with its outstanding volcanic backdrop or Ibiza with its crystal blue water and renowned party atmosphere.

Weather: Spain has various climates across the country. North of Spain has a maritime climate where it is rain throughout summer and winter, however, it is cool in winters and hot in summer. Central Spain has limited rainfall and has hot summers and cool winters. In the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada, you can ski in the winter and spring as temperatures are cold. Spain is a place that you can go all year round.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Madrid

National Language: Spanish

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Sagrada Familia

Best National Park: Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park

National Dish: Paella

National Drink: Sherry

Most Popular Beer: Cruz Campo

National Animal: Bull

National Sport: Football

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Italian holidays provide the chance to one of the best national parks in Europe, the Dolomites which are in the Italian Alps. The Dolomites has famous ski resorts giving you the chance for a skiing trip in the winter. Sardinia can rival any tropical island with its luscious golden sand beaches where you can lay back and enjoy a Campari and a fresh lobster. Venice is unlike any other city, supported by stilts the city floats on water. With beautiful architecture and subtle engineering on every street, Venice is a must-visit. The capital city of Rome has it all from the Forum, Colosseum and more making it a history buffs paradise as well as gelato, pizza and pasta making it a foodie’s paradise too. It is worth visiting the fashion capital Milan, the architects of Florence, the romance parts of the Amalfi Coast and more.

Weather: Italy has a diverse climate. The Alps have a mountain climate with very cold winters making it ideal for skiing and cool summers. The further south you go, you will have a Mediterranean climate where summers are hot and last for long, and the winters are mild. This makes Italy a place you can visit year-round depending on what you would like to do from your visit.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Rome

National Language: Italian

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Cinque Terre

Best National Park: Bellunesi Dolomites National Park

National Dish: Pizza

National Drink: Campari

Most Popular Beer: Peroni

National Animal: Italian Wolf

National Sport: Football


British holidays allow you to discover the multi-cultural metropolitan City of London where you can wander around the Thames, gape at the House of Parliament and Big Ben, ride the London Eye, discover the museums and galleries, enjoy afternoon tea or a pint at a traditional pub and much more. England has the pebbled beaches of Brighton, the Roman Baths, enigmatic Stonehenge and the landscape of Lake District. Spend a day hiking Snowdonia National Park. Edinburgh has a rich history, a grand medieval castle and is the heart of arts & comedy in the UK; another place worth exploring. The Highlands of Scotland is a hidden gem of the UK that makes you feel like you are in a scene from a wild movie.

Weather: The UK has a maritime climate which means it has rain year-round. The winters are mild, as they are cold but not unbearable and summers are the hottest in South East of England. The North in Scotland has the most snowfall in the winter months. Overall, the United Kingdom is a place where you can travel year-round.

Currency: Pound Sterling

Capital City: London

National Language: English

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: The London Eye

Best National Park: Snowdonia National Park

National Dish: Fish and Chips

National Drink: English Tea & Scottish Whiskey

Most Popular Beer: Budweiser

National Animal: British Bulldog, Lion, Red Kite, Unicorn & Y Ddraig Goch

National Sport: Cricket, Football, Rugby & Tennis

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Turkish holidays provide the luxurious resorts on the coast of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea in cities such as Dalaman, Bodrum and Antalya. These areas have golden sandy beaches with a turquoise coast. Outside the cities, you can find middle eastern markets known as bazaars. If you are looking for a city break, Istanbul which has both European and Asian influences, hence it offers a blend of culture which makes it exciting. You can walk around and admire the ancient history of the city or architecture but make sure you also visit some of the magnificent mosques in the area and shop for baklava. If you want a different experience, our recommendation is to visit Cappadocia and take a hot air balloon ride in the skies and have a picturesque view.

Weather: Turkey has a cool winter and hot summers as it has a Mediterranean climate in Western and Southern Turkey. The climate of Anatolian Plateau is a steppe climate where it is both warm in the day and night. Rainfall through turkey is low, which makes it a great place to travel. Turkey is a year-round destination.

Currency: Turkish Lira

Capital City: Ankara

National Language: Turkish

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Hagia Sophia

Best National Park: Dilek Peninisula-Buyuk Menderes Delta National Park

National Dish: Baklava

National Drink: Raki

Most Popular Beer: Efes Pilsen

National Animal: Elephant & Siamese Fighting Fish

National Sport: Wrestling & Cirit


German holidays can bring you to see the capital of Berlin where you can visit the famous historical Berlin Wall, experience the captivating Christmas markets, have a night out to techno and eat delicious food. If you want to experience the Bavarian culture, Munich is a must-visit as you can explore the galleries, museums, beer halls and enjoy great German food. If you are a beer lover, Oktoberfest will be the best time to visit a city such as Munich. There are other great cities such as Hamburg, Stuttgart, Koln, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and many more. If a city break is not what you are looking for, Germany also offers much more such as the unchartered Bavarian Forest, the notorious Neuschwanstein Castle and the Bavarian Alps. 

Weather: Germany has a temperate climate with warm summers and cold winters. Rain can throughout the year. There are mountainous areas which will be colder and snowy in the winter and cool during summer. Germany is a country that can be travelled to year-round.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Berlin

National Language: German

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Neuschwanstein Castle

Best National Park: Bavarian Forest National Park

National Dish: Sauerbraten

National Drink: Beer

Most Popular Beer: Becks

National Animal: Bundesadler

National Sport: Football

Image by Ashley Knedler
Image by Tomáš Malík


Austrian holidays provide first-class ski resorts in the Austrian Alps in the winter which is a thrill-seekers paradise. In warmer periods, the alpine area has cities such as Innsbruck which is famous for having the finest Christmas Markets in Europe and Hallstatt which has become one of the most popular Instagram spots in the world. A trip to Austria would be incomplete without a trip to visit the palaces, castles and churches of Salzburg which is surrounded by lakes and beautiful scenery of the capital city of Vienna. Vienna is the ‘Coffee Capital of the World’ so explore the many cafes in the city. Wander around and explore the amazing architecture of the palaces, museums, opera houses and much more. 

Weather: Austria has an alpine climate. In summer it is warm and hot but cool at night-time. The winter is cold and is sub-freezing at night. The mountainous areas of the Alps are usually snowing in the winter, which allows Austria to be a fashionable destination for snow sports.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Vienna

National Language: German

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Hallstatt

Best National Park: Hohe Tauern

National Dish: Tafelsplitz

National Drink: Almdudler

Most Popular Beer: Stiegl

National Animal: Austrian Bundesadler & Barn Swallow

National Sport: Alpine Skiing


Greek holiday allows you to see the ancient temples of some of the earliest evidence of civilization like the Acropolis of Athens and the Parthenon. This allows the region to be a unique mixture of a modern city and ancient sites. The city is vibrant and full of culture making it one for the bucket list. There are so many islands in Greece, with Crete being the largest which is scattered with resorts, culture, nightclubs, mountain villages and beautiful beaches. Santorini is a romantic paradise, Mykonos is a party persons paradise, Kos a history buffs paradise and there are still many more islands. Greece offers a little something for everyone. 

Weather: Greece has a Mediterranean climate which means the winters are mild and the summers are hot and dry. Greece does have some places where it can snow due to the higher areas of Greece. The most rainfall happens during the winter months of November and February which makes the best time to go to Greece is May to September.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Athens

National Language: Greek

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Santorini

Best National Park: Vikos National Park

National Dish: Gyro, Moussaka, Souvlaki, Magiritsa, Kokoretsi & Fasolada

National Drink: Ouzo

Most Popular Beer: Mythos Beer

National Animal: Dolphin & Phoenix

National Sport: Football

Image by Puk Patrick
Image by Nikita Karimov


Russian holidays provide you with the chance to see the soviet architect with historical sites such as the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral in the capital Moscow. The Russian capital has a skyline of beauty so inspiring it seldom rivaled elsewhere in Europe. Moscow has a unique culture which should be experienced at the opera, concert halls and ballets. The other city which we recommend you visit is St Petersburg, it is the home to Winter Palace, Peterhof, Savior on the Spilled Blood and much more. If you are a history buff you can visit cities such as Stalingrad. If you want a real arctic adventure, Siberia is the place to visit with its freezing temperatures. Russia is the largest nation in the world, and it is an undiscovered mystery.

Weather: Russia has different climates but mostly it is continental with a large arctic section. The east has more harsh and cold winters and the north is covered with snow. Southern Russia can sometimes be hot with rainfall but still will have snowy winters. The best time to travel to Russia in spring and autumn as it is mild and dry.

Currency: Russian Ruble

Capital City: Moscow

National Language: Russian

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Kremlin

Best National Park: Np Zyuratkul'

National Dish: Pelmeni

National Drink: Russian Vodka

Most Popular Beer: Baltika

National Animal: Eurasian Brown Bear & Double-Headed Eagle

National Sport: Bandy


Portuguese holidays bring you to an 800km stretch of coastline which provides some of the best beaches that stretch from Porto to Lisbon to Faro. Portugal is famous for its many excellent golf courses, city breaks, surf breaks and scrumptious food. The capital city, Lisbon is known for its steep hills, gothic cathedrals and eccentric bars. Porto has a combination of modern and medieval architecture; it has golden sand beaches such as Foz do Douro. The south coast of Faro has many resorts that are great for family, couples as well as friends to visit. You can sit by the beach and enjoy beers and at night enjoy world-class wine. If you are feeling adventurous, you can fly to the volcanic island of Madeira or visit the romanticist palaces and castles in Sintra.

Weather: Portugal has Mediterranean weather where it is mild during the winters and extremely hot during the summers. The more inland the hotter in summer and cooler in winter. South of Portugal will usually be dry and sunny year-round.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Lisbon

National Language: Portuguese 

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Castelo de Vide - Marvao

Best National Park: Peneda-Geres National Park

National Dish: Bacalhau

National Drink: Licor Beirao

Most Popular Beer: Sagres

National Animal: Rooseter of Barcelos & Iberian Wolf

National Sport: Football

Image by Elisa Michelet
Image by redcharlie


Dutch holidays give a person the chance to soak up the atmosphere of Amsterdam, one of the most electrifying cities. From the quaint charm of the canals that you can cycle down, to the techno night scene, to the museums such as Rijksmuseum, Anne Franks House and the Van Gogh Museum. The city has something for everyone that visits, hence why it is one of the most stayed cities in Europe. Whereas Rotterdam is a modern city with one of the largest ports in Europe. If you do decide to visit Rotterdam, make sure you take an Instagram picture of the Cube Houses. The countryside is full of tulips and windmills which are a must to experience.

Weather: The Netherlands has a maritime climate which means the winter is cold and dark and can snow but won’t ever get sub-freezing whereas the summers can be hot but not excessively hot. The Netherlands can have unpredictable weather but it is always worth taking the risk.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Amsterdam

National Language: Dutch

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Dutch Windmills at Zaanse Schans

Best National Park: Hoge Veluwe National Park

National Dish: Stamppot

National Drink: Dutch Gin

Most Popular Beer: Heineken

National Animal: Lion & Black-Tailed Godwit

National Sport: Football


Norwegian holidays allow a person to experience the northern lights whilst overlooking one of the many fjords. If natural beauty is what you wish for, look no further than Norway. The north side of Norway has many Arctic islands such as Lofoten Island. The capital city Oslo is full of museums, restaurants and bars which makes it a great cityscape. Just outside of Oslo you have the Jotunheimen National Park which is a highly recommended place to visit that you will regret not going to if you pass up the chance. If you visit in the summer, you will have the midnight sun, to add a bit of magic and romance.

Weather: Norway has a climate that varies across the region. The coastal region has an oceanic climate with mild winters and cool summers. Whereas inland areas have a continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. Further north there is alpine climate, in the winter you can have extremely low temperatures and it can change day today. Best time to go to Norway is from June to August, however, you can go during other times, depending on where you want to go.

Currency: Norwegian Krone

Capital City: Oslo

National Language: Norwegian & Sami

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Hornelen Sea Cliff

Best National Park: Jotunheimen National Park

National Dish: Farikal

National Drink: Aquavit

Most Popular Beer: Ringnes

National Animal: Lion, White-Throated Dipper & Fjord Horse

National Sport: Cross-Country Skiing

Image by Matthias Tillen
Image by Colton Jones


Croatian holidays let you explore the Adriatic Coast, the numerous islands, national parks and cities. In the north, you will get the region of Istria which is famous for its wine, Pula Arena and other roman temples. If you go further south, you will come to Split which is one of the gems of the Dalmatian Coast. You can get lost in Split and enjoy the roman architecture. Further south on the coast is Dubrovnik, famous for its city walls. You can take a ferry to the islands of Hvar and Korcula, both towns have brilliant beaches, vibrant towns and energetic nightlife. If you want to get away from the cities and islands, Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Parks are both must-visits and will provide you with the picturesque scenery of two of Europe’s best national parks.

Weather: Croatia has a Mediterranean climate, which offers good weather year-round. The coldest months are January and February and the hottest is July and August. Croatia is a destination you can travel year-round.

Currency: Croatian Kuna

Capital City: Zagreb

National Language: Croatian

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Dubrovnik City Walls

Best National Park: Plitvice Lakes National Park

National Dish: Peka

National Drink: Rakija

Most Popular Beer: Karlovacko

National Animal: Pine Marten

National Sport: Football


Belgian holidays allow travellers to experience some of the best beers, chocolate and waffles in the world, making it a must-visit for food and beer lovers. The capital city of Brussels is a captivating place with the detailed architect that can be seen on the Grand Place, Brussel’s Norte Dame Du Sablon and the Palais Royal. No trip to Belgium is complete without a boat tour down the canals of Bruges or exploring the cobbled streets of Antwerp.

Weather: Belgium has a maritime climate with mild winters and cool Summers. However, it can be rainy and cloudy throughout the year.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Brussels

National Language: Dutch, French & German

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: The Canals in Bruges

Best National Park: Hoge Kempen National Park

National Dish: Moules-Frites

National Drink: Jenever

Most Popular Beer: Trappist Beer

National Animal: Leo Belgicus

National Sport: Football

Image by Jonne Mäkikyrö
Image by Mikael Stenberg


Swedish holidays provide travellers the opportunity to visit Kiruna where you can spot the Northern Lights during the beginning of September. North of Sweden there are a lot of mountainous terrains and wilderness which can be a nature travellers paradise. If you want to visit a vibrant city, Stockholm ‘the Venice of the North’ is the city to visit. With over 24,000 islands, Stockholm has a beautifully stunning architectural style that gives a modern and classic feeling to the city. Wander down the cobbled streets of Gothenburg which has many archipelagos, museums and a vibrant nightlife. Sweden has some of the nicest people, good music and good food and is a must-visit if travelling to the Nordics.

Weather: Sweden has cold winters with not much sunlight and hot summers with a lot of daylight. Due to the mountains of Norway, Sweden is a very dry nation meaning it should not rain much. Snowfall mostly occurs from December to March for South Sweden, November to April in Central Sweden and October to May in Northern Sweden.

Currency: Swedish Krona

Capital City: Stockholm

National Language: Swedish

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Stockholm City Hall

Best National Park: Abisko National Park

National Dish: Kanelbulle

National Drink: Aquavit

Most Popular Beer: Norrlands Guld Export

National Animal: Eurasian Elk/Moose & Eurasian Blackbird

National Sport: Bandy


Swiss holidays allow you to experience the jewel of Europe, the most scenic region. Snow-capped Alps, lakes, waterfalls, and modern cities. Switzerland does provide some of the most naturally picturesque sights such as Matterhorn and Lauterbrunnen which will spice up your Instagram and create a memory that you will never forget. If you are thrill-seekers there are slopes where you can ski, snowboard and in summers you can have a go on the world’s highest roller coaster in Gelmberbahn. Cities such as Zurich and Geneva are modern, innovative and worth exploring.

Weather: Switzerland has varied climates. The Alps have mountain climates where it is cold and snowy in the winters and cool in the summers, the lower sea-level areas have a continental climate where it is cold in the winters and hot in the summers. Switzerland does have rain throughout the year. The winter is excellent for skiing if that is what your plan is otherwise the best time to travel is May to September.

Currency: Swiss Franc

Capital City: Bern

National Language: French, German, Italian & Romansh

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Lauterbrunnen

Best National Park: The Matterhorn

National Dish: Rosti

National Drink: Absinthe

Most Popular Beer: Carlsberg

National Animal: Cow

National Sport: Skiing

Image by Pascal Debrunner
Image by Dmitry Goykolov


Czech holidays give you access to the UNESCO town of Cesky Krumlov which is a must-see, particularly for the history buffs. The town is often overlooked due to the capital city of Prague being one of the most visited cities in Europe, for many good reasons. Explore the cobbled streets of Prague, see the gothic bridges such as Charles Bridge, the enormous Prague Castle and enjoy the night at the bars of Old Town. If nature is your thing, then make sure to visit the snow-white slopes of Krkonose Mountains and enjoy a classic Pilsner Urquell.

Weather: Czech Republic has a continental climate which means it has hot summers and snowy winters. The Czech Republic has rained through its summer months; however, it dries quickly due to the heat. The Czech Republic similar to other European countries is one you can travel year-round.

Currency: Czech Koruna

Capital City: Prague

National Language: Czech & Slovak

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Prague Castle

Best National Park: Sumava National Park

National Dish: Roast Pork with Dumplings and Cabbage

National Drink: Becherovka

Most Popular Beer: Pilsner Urquell

National Animal: Double-Tailed Lion

National Sport: Football


Irish holidays have energetic cities such as Dublin where you can delve into the Guinness factory or have a pint at one of the many pubs such as the renowned Temple Bar. The architect of Trinity College is a sight worth seeing as well as exploring the museums of Dublin. If you are looking for a spot to take the perfect Instagram photo, then look no further than the Cliffs of Moher. The other cities that you should visit in Galway which is full of history, Killarney home of Ross Castle and Cork where you can visit the Fota Wildlife Park.

Weather: Ireland has a maritime climate which means it has rainfall all year round, the summers are warm, and the winters are cool. East of Ireland has less rain than the west of Ireland. The best time to visit Ireland is from April to September due to the temperatures, however, Dublin is a city you can visit year-round.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Dublin

National Language: Irish & English

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: The Cliffs of Moher

Best National Park: Killarney National Park

National Dish: Irish Stew

National Drink: Irish Whiskey

Most Popular Beer: Guinness Stout

National Animal: Red Deer

National Sport: Gaelic Games

Image by Jason Murphy
Image by Daniel Olah


Hungarian holidays will provide you with the chance to explore the Roman ruins that are placed all around the country, especially in their capital city of Budapest. The capital city is home to the most beautiful parliament in the world as well as Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion which can lead to some classic Instagram pictures. If spas are your thing, Budapest is the place for you. It has the world-famous Szechenyi Therman Bath where you can go and relax. The countryside is diverse as it ranges from majestic mountains to vast plains which are all worth exploring.

Weather: Hungary has continental climate meaning it has hot summers and cold winters. Summer can be the wettest period; however, it does not rain that much in Hungary. Hungary is a destination which you can travel year-round.

Currency: Hungarian Forint

Capital City: Budapest

National Language: Hungarian

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Fisherman's Bastion

Best National Park: Hortobagi National Park

National Dish: Goulash

National Drink: Unicum

Most Popular Beer: Dreher

National Animal: Turul

National Sport: Water Polo


Danish holidays allow one to visit over 400 islands on top of the mainland to explore. Cycle through Copenhagen like a native and take a break by the canal and enjoy the view. Copenhagen is a scenic city that has something for everyone. It has museums, delicious foods, great nightlife, galleries and Freetown Christiania, a community full of art. Other cities to visit are Aarhus for its history and Billund for the first-ever Legoland theme park. Denmark offers something for everyone.

Weather: Denmark has a maritime climate, where summers are warm and winters are mild, however, it does rain all year round. Even though Demark is a Scandinavian country, it does not reach sub-freezing temperatures and is a place you can travel to all year round.

Currency: Danish Krone

Capital City: Copenhagen

National Language: Danish

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Christianshavn

Best National Park: Thy National Park - Office

National Dish: Stegt Flaesk

National Drink: Akvavit

Most Popular Beer: Carlsberg

National Animal: Red Squirrel, Mute Swan & Small Tortoiseshell

National Sport: Football

Image by Nick Karvounis
Image by Mihaela Holhos


Polish holidays will bring you to the beautiful city of Krakow which has historical sites such as the Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral. Krakow is the home to many bars which allows the city to have a vibrant nightlife which is worth the experience alone. However, Krakow does have a dark past with historical sites from WW2. Auschwitz is a recommended destination to see when visiting. Poland is the home to other cities that are a must-see such as Gdansk and the capital city, Warsaw. Both cities have a unique charm and are welcoming to tourists. If you like outdoors, then the national park of Bieszczady is a hiking hot spot with stunning views.

Weather: Poland has maritime and continental climate making the summers hot and the winters cold. The temperature in some regions can go sub-freezing. Overall, the best time to visit Poland is during the summer months.

Currency: Polish Zloty

Capital City: Warsaw

National Language: Polish

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Warsaw Old Town

Best National Park: Bieszczady National Park

National Dish: Bigos Stew

National Drink: Polish Vodka

Most Popular Beer: Zywiec Brewery

National Animal: White-tailed Eagle, White Stork & European Bison

National Sport: Football


Icelandic holidays will allow you to see the volcanic island with some of the most phenomenal landscapes with numerous waterfalls such as the renowned Skogafoss to the black volcanic sand beaches of Vik. Enjoy a dip in the Blue Lagoons, a geothermal pool. If you want a quieter place to swim, you can visit the Secret Lagoon. Take the chance to see the Northern Lights which is one of the most spectacular sights in the world. The capital city of Reykjavik is a colourful city famous for some of the most delicious chocolate in the world. If you are looking for an adventure, make sure to try the snowmobiles which are sure to get your heart pumping.

Weather: Iceland does not have much daylight in the winter months and has daylight in the summer months as it is close to the North Pole. In the winter, it can become difficult to travel around due to the rocky landscape of the island. From December to April there is a lot of snow. In summer months it does get warmer and easier to travel around the island. The best time to travel is from May to October but if you want an Artic experience, then travel during the winter.

Currency: Icelandic Krona

Capital City: Reykjavik

National Language: Icelandic

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Geysir

Best National Park: Thingvellir National Park

National Dish: Hakarl

National Drink: Brennivin

Most Popular Beer: Kaldi Blonde

National Animal: Gyrfalcon

National Sport: Team Handball

Image by Balazs Busznyak
Image by Dragisa Braunovic


Montenegrin holidays bring you to explore the easy-going capital city of Podgorica, which is close to the Adriatic coastline, Ostrog Monastery which has a dramatic backdrop and much more. Take a trip to visit to Lake Skadar to see some of the quaintest scenery. Montenegro is famous for its two main towns which are Perast and Kotor which are based near each other. The reason they are famous is due to the hidden gem of Europe, the Bay of Kotor which should be on everyone’s bucket list. Other areas that a tourist should visit are Sveti Stefan and the Tara River Canyon which is the jaw-dropping border between Montenegro and Bosnia.

Weather: Montenegro has a Mediterranean climate where it is hot and dry in summers and cold in winters with snow. The best time to visit is April to September where it is mostly dry and pleasant.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Podgorica

National Language: Albanian, Croatian & Serbian

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Bay of Kotor View

Best National Park: Durmitor

National Dish: Chorba

National Drink: Rakija

Most Popular Beer: Niksicko

National Animal: Eagle

National Sport: Water Polo


Slovenian holidays allow unmatched scenery. Venture to the enchanted Lake Bled and make sure to have your camera ready as the sights are too stunning to miss out on. Head over to Triglav National Park where you can discover gorges, lakes, waterfalls and the colossal Triglav mountains. The visit to the Julian Alps makes it well worth visiting Slovenia, however people overlook the most underrated capital city of Europe Ljubljana. Ljubljana is famous for the castle on the hill with specular views of the city, stretches of emerald green river, beautiful bridges, excellent cuisine and entertaining nightlife. 

Weather: Slovenia is a small nation; however, it does have a diverse climate as the Julian Alps has a mountain climate where it is cool in summers, but cold in the winter which makes it great for skiing. Most of the country does have a Mediterranean climate where it is hot in the summers and cool in the winters. Slovenia is one of the wettest counties of Europe, but this has an advantage as it has beautiful natural landscapes.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Ljubljana

National Language: Slovene

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Lake Bled

Best National Park: Center Triglavskega Narodnega Parka Bohinj

National Dish: Buckwheat Dumplings

National Drink: Schnapps

Most Popular Beer: Union

National Animal: Olm

National Sport: Handball

Image by Jaka Škrlep
Image by Majkl Velner


Romanian holidays provide a tourist with the chance to discover the electric capital city of Bucharest. Bucharest is the home of the Palace of Parliament which is the largest parliament in the world, the ravishing Romanian Athenaeum, cuisine, and a vibrant nightlife. Make sure you explore outside of Bucharest and visit the mountains in Transylvania, the trendy city of Cluj-Napoca, castles of Romania such as the beautiful Bran Castle and the picturesque Peles Castle.  If sandy beaches are what you look for, head over to the coast of the Black Sea where you can visit towns such as Constanta or the stunning golden sand beaches of Eforie Nord. 

Weather: Romania has a continental climate with hot summers and freezing winters. Winters can be sub-freezing temperatures, where summers can get extremely hot. Autumn and Spring have more mild temperatures and can be more pleasant to visit.

Currency: Romanian Leu

Capital City: Bucharest

National Language: Romanian

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Corvin Castle

Best National Park: Retezat National Park

National Dish: Sarmale

National Drink: Tuica

Most Popular Beer: Timisoreana

National Animal: Lynx

National Sport: Oina


Finnish holiday will allow you to visit Lapland, which is the home to Santa Claus Village, Levi and the extravagant SnowCastle of Kemi. However, Lapland is not the only place to visit to see the great open spaces, artic unknown and gorgeous lakes. Finland is one of the few places where it can be sunlight at midnight and in the winter gives you a chance to see the mesmerizing Northern Lights. The capital city of Helsinki is a great destination as you get to see the Senate Square, Sibelius Park and discover the Temppeliaukion Church. No trip to Finland would be complete without visiting a Finnish sauna to warm yourself up from the arctic temperatures outside. 

Weather: Finland has a quarter of its land in the Arctic Circle which means it you can experience the midnight sun during the months from May to September, however during the other months you may not experience any sunlight but may have a chance to see the Northern Lights.

Currency: Euro

Capital City: Helsinki

National Language: Finish & Swedish

Best Spot for an Instagram Photo: Santa's Cabin

Best National Park: Riisitunturi National Park

National Dish: Ruisleipa

National Drink: Milk

Most Popular Beer: Koff

National Animal: Brown Bear, Whooper Swan, Holly Blue, European Perch & Seven-Spot Ladybird

National Sport: Pesapallo

Image by Tapio Haaja
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