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Our bespoke package revolves around you! It is a tailor-made holiday package which aims to fulfil all of your wants and needs. We listen to you and create a trip which leaves no stone unturned.

Addicted Travellers suggests the best flights, accommodation, restaurants, activities, nightlife, and tours for you - all within your budget! We can even help you pick a destination given the criteria of your trip. Whether you want to take a road trip along the coastline or are in search of the ultimate adrenaline rush, let Addicted Travellers plan your perfect, personalised package.


In order to fulfil your requirements, we request you to complete the form below. This is where we gain an understanding of your desires to ensure we meet and exceed your needs.
Now, it’s time for Addicted Travellers to do the hard work for you. Upon receipt of your form, we will begin to analyse your answers and conjure up the perfect trip for you.
Once your package is finalised, it will be time for you to experience the trip you’ve been waiting for!


For a limited time, we are offering special prices to plan a bespoke package: 

- weekend trip for £24.99

- a trip of more than 2 nights but less than 7 nights for £49.99

- a trip for more than 7 nights for £99.99

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Bespoke Package Questionaire
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