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Image by Stephen Leonardi

Live a Life Worth Living

At Addicted Travellers, we believe everyone should enjoy the best life possible without the hassle of life itself. Exploring the world, experiencing new adventures and living the life most people only dream of. We made it our mission to explore all pockets of the globe so we can help others find their dream vacation, get the most out of their travels and live a life worth living.

We weren’t always a travel agency. Addicted Travellers started out the way many great businesses do, helping those nearest and dearest to us.

Many of our friends and families would go on trips with the anticipation that they would have an incredible time, but they would feel overwhelmed prior to their trip due to the planning effort required. Upon returning, they would feel disappointed that their trip didn’t reach its full potential. After seeing the disappointment first-hand, we decided to dedicate our time to help plan their trips, irrespective of how big or small our role may be in providing advice. The outcome was to ensure that their trips were of the best quality, full of fun and catered to each of their individual needs. After helping those close to us, it became apparent to people in the local community that in order for them to enjoy their experiences, handing over the planning to us enthusiasts would guarantee stress-free voyages. We resonated with those who struggled to create itineraries for places they wanted to explore but had no idea where to start the research. 

Confused? Overworked? Guilty of turning down the opportunities to see the wonders of the world to flee the anxiety of planning?

Hence, Addicted Travellers was born!

We are passionate travel enthusiasts who have undergone the same struggles and complications of planning ideal, perfect trips that excite our partners, pals and parents. From group expeditions to travelling solo, everyone has their preferences and finding a compromise can become exhausting. This is precisely where we come in! We want to know about you, our clients, so that we can tailor experiences to suit you. We are here to relieve you of the time-consuming task of planning. The research, the best deals, the country hot spots - leave it all to us! Our goal is to utilise our passion for travel to consistently deliver high-quality trips around the globe and be the helping hand you need to build a lifetime of memories. Become an Addicted Traveller; explore cultures, get a taste of diverse flavours and experience breath-taking views the world has to offer.  

Take the next step and start to live a life worth living.

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